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Fanga shoes are made to last a long time. But if you take care of it, they last for always.

Here are our tips for proper maintenance.

First date. The first days of your long adventure with Fanga, wear it for no more than 3 hours a day. This way you will be able to adapt it to your foot without difficulty.

Perfect fit. The shoes made by hand with the best leather can be rigid the first ones times you wear them. But do not be discouraged. In each Fanga, between the sole and the welt, there is one cork layer, which over time takes the shape of your foot, to increase comfort at every step.

Change is good. Never wear the same pair of shoes for two days in a row. Is better for the shoe. And it’s a lot more fun for you.

Do not push it hard. When you wear a shoe, always use a shoehorn.

Wood to me. When you do not wear your Fanga, store it using a wooden shoe-strainer. It will keep the right shape and the wood will absorb excess moisture.

Let it rain. “I like rain because nobody sees me cry” (Charlie Chaplin). If you wear Fanga and it comes to rain, do not cry. Simply put it resting on a side for a day, to allow the sole to dry out as best as possible.

Do your homework. Whenever you wear a Fanga, we recommend brushing it Polish. If you always do your homework, you will never seem to do it.

Never ever. Last thing, very important. Never lend your shoes. To nobody.Never.


To offer the best service to our customer, we offer to our made to order clients a shoe care service. But there are a few good tips that can help to better preserve the shoes.

In order to preserve your shoes, we suggest you to use a shoe horn to avoid misshaping or damaging the back. In addition using a shoetree could preserve better the shape of the shoes.

In order to take care of the leather of your shoes we made a partnership with Boot Black, an historic company from Japan, that produce leather shoe care in Tokyo since 1919.

We can offer you a complete care kit from Boot Black, and other products, so in order to understand what product could fit for your shoes, please contact us at, we will respond to your questions and help you to better preserve you unique shoes.

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