Luglio 2017

The Luxury of Remembrance, the Excellence of the Future. Fanga, a brand recalling an ancient story, going back to the origins of a centenary word from Bologna’s dialect, meaning Shoe: an almost forgotten etymology which is now being reintroduced by two young entrepreneurs, Lorenzo Fusina and Bruno Riffeser Monti, who have established the brand, debuting at the 90th edition of Pitti Uomo, with the first collection for summer 2017.

Looking at the future through tradition, using our roots to develop a luxury that goes beyond aesthetic and rejoices the soul. The true Made in Italy, handmade to enhance its uniqueness. For a luxury beyond simple appearances and acclaimed brands; a luxury exploring the history of Artisan Customs, of the masters who carve and stitch leather slowly but steadily, with the wise knowledge of those who still work with their hands to create masterpieces. A secret and rare experience, driven by the desire and wait for the finished product, realized by the keepers of these almost forgotten techniques. Footwear embellished by the customized details, made of precious metals, chosen according to one’s own passions and personality: a small symbol, initials, a lucky charm, a secret message coded to only be recognized by a group of friends. For a shared lifestyle experience, between the ambitious dream and the reality of a perfectly executed precious design.

28 July
PITTI UOMO 91 - January 2017

As we are born under the "bespoke" star, our mission is to bring out the vision that each customer has of himself