Omar Hassan


Seeking to bring together the worlds of fine art and craftsmanship, the artist has collaborated with the bespoke Italian shoemaker Fanga in order to create one of his iconic ‘Breaking Through’ paintings on a hide of untreated calf’s leather, whilst simultaneously customising a pair of the company’s handmade ‘Raffaello’ shoes.

The Work

Hassan, who in recent years has become well known for his performance based paintings, creates the works by dipping boxing gloves into different coloured paints, before boxing the canvas itself. The highly energetic nature behind producing these works means that the clothes and footwear of the artist also become splattered with paint. For the creation of this particular piece, Hassan wore the handmade ‘Raffaello’ shoes, by Fanga.

The collaboration between Fanga and Omar Hassan came as a natural one. Both the shoemaker and the artist are young entities yet they have already had a strong impact on their respective fields. When Fanga hand make a pair of shoes their ethos is to create something more than just a product, they seek to create an emotion. This concept translates effortlessly into the world of art, tying in particularly well with the work of Omar Hassan.

About the Artist

Born in Milan in 1987 to an Egyptian father and an Italian mother, Omar Hassan was introduced to the Milan underground art scene at a young age. He graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in in 2010, and after several group and solo exhibitions, he was invited to exhibit at the 54th Venice Biennale. Since then, Hassan has developed his iconic "BREAKING THROUGH" series, first exhibited at ContiniArtUK, London, in 2015.

Following the success of his Breaking Through performance, Hassan was named a finalist for the Cairo Art Prize. More recently, Hassan was invited by the prestigious art foundation Maimeri to exhibit at the MAC (Music, Art and Culture) Centre in Milan. ‘Breaking Through Milan’, curated by the renowned Luca Beatrice established Hassan as one of today’s most exciting young artists.

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