Made in Bologna


Made in Italy is everything, but for us it is not enough. Made in Bologna is our destiny.Fanga, in the Bolognese dialect, means shoe. Bologna is not just the food everyone talks about, the best cars ever created and the oldest  University in the world.

Bologna is also renowned for its luxury craftsmanship and its own footwear tradition. And it has always hosted large fashion and leather goods houses. We love Bologna because it is at the center of the world but always remains a city a size of man.

In Bologna, the excellence of work and the efficiency of creativity they coexist in harmony with a high quality of life. We want to concentrate all these qualities on a shoe. Our obsession is to create an impeccable shoe. Our desire is to improve the quality of life of those who wears our shoes.

Signature Goodyear Collection

Signature Goodyear Collection

Signature Goodyear Collection

Made to Measure

Made to order

Choosing and wearing a Fanga means becoming ambassadors of quality and excellence in every part of the world.

The true beauty of a shoe is that told by the person that wears it. For this we give you the ability to compose your Fanga. Choose the model, the leather, the color and the detail.

You have endless combinations to create your personal and unmistakable Fanga. Each Fanga is the result of a long and careful process of craft production, but only when it becomes part of the life and style of the customer reaches its true fulfillment.

Let there be light

There is a light on your shoe. Fanga allows you to customize your shoe adding a metal detail, tailor-made for you. You can choose the material, shape, finish and engraving. To make your shoe unique and precious.

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